Monday, August 25, 2008

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Here is our listing of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. FAQ Knowledgebase. Feel free to use the SEARCH feature on the site.

To search on the site, we recommend you use your car name or some name that will sort the search. For example, do a search under SILVERADO

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We have the new 2004-2007 Infiniti G35 dash kit in stock and it is shipping. We have it in SINGLE din and DOUBLE din versions

SEE 2004-2007 DASH KIT


The older G35 kit can be found below



The JVC HDR30 is FINALLY shipping and we have it in stock.

See it here

We also have the DUAL HD RADIO here

If you have a Pioneer radio, you can add the HD radio add on here

maybe, you want to add HD RADIO to your factory radio.

See the Peripheral PXAMG

HD RADIO is FREE. No monthly fees and digital quality sound! Upgrade today!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Installing a new radio in GM LAN vehicles or in cars with ONSTAR

Want to get your new aftermarket radio in? Need to keep ONSTAR?
What about a BOSE Interface to your new radio. Is your radio part of the new GM LAN type DATA bus system? Often there are no accessory power wires at the radio plug. Also, we caution you not to test the wires at the radio plug because it is DATA wires and you may damage the car's computer. What about the chimes which come through the factory speakers? Or the reverse backup beeps that come through the factory radio?

We have EVERYTHING you need IN ONE PLACE to install your new aftermarket radio

See our dash kit department here

See our ONSTAR department here

Lowered our MINIMUM QTY requirements on many items in our tools department

We listen to your feedback and we understand sometimes, 10 qty of an item, even low cost inexpensive parts may be too much for your project. We are re-working the minimum qty requirements on many of the items in our TOOLS INSTALL DEPARTMENT.

See our tools department here

Get all the wires, rca cables, wire ties, screws, fuse holders, fuses and everything else needed for your install in ONE PLACE