Saturday, October 31, 2009

Radio double din dash kits fit kit new applications




first with the NEWEST radio dash fit kits

We have them FIRST, we get them FIRST
and we can offer to you FIRST

See our latest DOUBLE DIN KITS here to mount your new car radio

GPS and Phone holders for Windshield and car dashboard

Looking to use your cellular phone's GPS system? Need it to attach to the windshield or the dash?

Looking for a mount for your MP3 player?

We have them ALL!! EVERYTHING

See our Cellular phone, ipod Mp3 holders here

Backup cameras and monitors

We just added a ton of Backup cameras and monitors.

We also reduced the prices of all the existing backup cameras to save you MONEY

See our BACKUP CAMERA department

HDMI Comonent A/V Switchers

We carry a huge selection of HDMI and Component Switchers

See them here

Ipod docks and desktop alarm clock radios

We have IPOD docks and desktop stereos added to our product lineup!

See them here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

GPS Navigation systems for commercial Truck Drivers

Are you a commercial truck driver.

Imagine a GPS navigation system

which routes you through Truck routes, has overhang information and much more

See our GPS navigation systems here

Subwoofer Boxes

We have a ton of custom applications and empty subwoofer boxes for your car.

See subwoofer boxes here

Battery Inverters, Chargers, Jumpstarters and converters

We've just add a bunch of new products related to battery, charging and AC - DC voltage

We have a ton of DC to AC inverters. So you can use HOUSE AC appliances in the car. See them here