Friday, October 18, 2013


Happy October 2013,

 Here are some notable updates on what you can now find at

1. We recently revamped and updated our email help desk, along with FAQ section. Check out our new look at   We have serviced over 60,000 emails in the last 2 years, and hundreds of thousands during our 20 years online (since 1994)

2. We have topped and reached our 200 installation video milestone, and we are aiming for 300! Come visit our youtube channel at and see all of our videos at  Our videos demonstrate our skills, and our ability to work in any car, with any type of installation, even the most complicated car stereo or remote start installations. Take a moment and visit our YouTube channel.

3. We have revamped our forums at  Another area where you can get around the clock support, and an exclusive customer only area for technical questions. We feature tech tips, troubleshooting and much more in our forums. We also added the ability for you mobile users to use tap-a-talk app with our forum, and there is also a mobile mode. All this is new!

4. We are making some changes to our main shopping site at - look for some exciting changes to come, a ton of new products, new lineups, the newest 2014 products.. and soon a simplified checkout process. Who knows, we may even add SMS status updates and much more in the future!

5. We have fixed the issues with postal checkouts, and the postal shipping option is now back and available to all, including International customers.

6. Along with our revamped helpdesk, we have put in new escalation rules to better serve you via email. Look for many online troubleshooting tools to come in the future.