Friday, January 9, 2009

Organize your trunk, truck bed and cargo area

We can help you organize your trunk, hold items in your pickup bed area and much more.

Radio removal tools, everything to get the radio out

Need the tools to get your radio out of the dash?

Pry tools to pop up panels without damaging the trim?

Remote car starters. IS IT COLD OUTSIDE?

Is it cold outside?

I am sure it is. 

How does PRE-WARMING your car up before going outside sound?

Start it up with a remote control, have it warm up, get into a toasty car.

Also, if you have ice on your car or snow and have your heat on your windshields via defogger, you can PUSH all the snow and ICE off your windshield. NEVER DE-ICE another window

Looking for some LED bulbs?

Looking for some LED light bulbs for your car?

Bluetooth to car interfaces, YES we have it.. and the bluetooth kits

Want to hook up bluetooth to your factory radio?

We have all the harnesses

and the kits

We carry bluetooth kits, and the harnesses and adapters needed to make it all work with your factory radio. Plug and play solutions, we have it all!