Monday, June 28, 2010

Amplified subwoofer tubes for cars

Adding a SELF AMPLIFIED subwoofer tube or box is the easiest way to get some serious bass into your car.
Built in amp, makes things easy and saves space

See our self amplified subwoofers here

Car horns, airhones and car trumpets

Upgrade the horns in your car to something that will get you attention when you need it


Add bluetooth to your car easily! Have the sound come through the factory speakers

There is a RIGHT way to add BLUETOOTH to your car
and a WRONG way

We offer you CUSTOM solutions to add BLUETOOTH to your car. Real world PLUG AND PLAY kits and harnesses that allow you to interface your bluetooth cellular phone into your car radio. Have it come through the factory speakers!

Video backup camera feed into factory car navigation screen

Looking for a way to feed a BACKUP camera video to your car navigation screen?

See VIDEO TO NAV interfaces here

 Backup cameras can be found here. WE CARRY ALL OF THE BACKUP CAMERAS AVAILABLE!

2010 and newer Ford Mustang Car Radio dash fit kit Turbo2 shipping now

Looking to install a new radio in your 2010 and newer Mustang?
We now have the DASH KIT in stock and it is IN SHIPPING
AUTOTOYS.COM - ALWAYS ALWAYS first with the newest dash fit kits!

See it here

Jensen Multimedia car radios

New Jensen Multimedia head units are in stock
See All of our Multimedia head units for cars here

Spyder X-Tune HID Headlight upgrade bulb kit

SPYDER X-TUNE HID High Intensity Discharge bulb upgrade kits in stock
See ALL of our HID kits here

Isimple Iphone 4 and ipod kits, new and in stock

NEW and in stock
ISIMPLE Iphone 4.0 compatible Ipod CAR ADAPTER car kits.
See our ISIMPLE Ipod kits here

Iphone 4.0 and Ipod Kits from Peripheral and Pac ISIMPLE (PXAMG)

Did you just pick up an IPHONE 4?

Do you already have an IPOD kit from us? Peripheral PXAMG or the PAC ISIMPLE UPac kits?

We now offer the Apple authenticity Iphone 4.0 upgrade circuit board

it is in stock (LIMITED QUANTITIES!) and is shipping

See the PXAMG-IC Iphone 4 upgrade here