Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays to all

As we close in on an end to 2008, we just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

Its been a great year, it was great listening to and serving all of you. 

Be good, hope you get everything you wished for from Santa and we'll see you in 2009.

2009 will mark our "15th" year online. 


Thursday, December 4, 2008

In time for Christmas.

We have updated our REMOTE CONTROL toys. 

Cars, trucks, tanks, airplanes.

We have it all

We are proud to announce we are now carrying IDATALINK products. With the innovations and low sku count Idatalink offers us, we can FLASH a module and have it out the door the same day as your order.


Did you know we offer FAST shipping and LOW prices on Car and TRUCK accessories. 
We carry EVERYTHING. Scroll down the departments on the left side.


We are running a promotion with GOOGLE. $5.00 off any order $30.00 or over, this is AUTOMATIC when you use GOOGLE CHECKOUT TO PAY (using  your credit card). 

 Some of our customers are very innovative and combining other coupons, we would tell you much, but you can save some BIG money during this limited time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ipod 5 volt USB charging, shipping

Apple changed the way Ipods charge with the new 3g Ipod, the 2G Itouch and the nanochromatic. Older ipod adapters for the car and the home (every ipod accessory sold) had problems the charging of the new ipods.

We now have DICE kits in stock which use 5volt USB charging. We will have solutions available from Peripheral (pxamg), USA SPEC and Blitzsafe shortly.

You can find more info here

Dice electronic kits

Keep in mind, we are fully authorized for Dice Electronics, Peripheral, Blitzsafe and other companies. We stock HEAVILY for fast delivery, easy exchanges for defectives and we always carry the latest software versions.

Being authorized means you will also get the support from the factory and a full warranty. Dont take any chances. Dont get caught with your pants down by trying to save $5.00 dollars.

Monday, October 27, 2008

autotoys.INFO support site and email

Some visitors have email addresses which have difficulties with our emails reaching your destination inbox. 

We have completed a program code change which will display an UNIQUE password to you on the SUBMIT EMAIL CONFIRMATION screen. Simply PRINT it or write down the password.

You will then be able to go to  - enter your email address and your password and view ALL ENTRIES online. Its THAT SIMPLE

View all of your emails (entire history) online on a web page!

Wholesale account shipping or Large Quantity orders

Our system talks to UPS and US postal for ship rates.

Currently our system is set up only for the max weight of 70 pounds. If you are a wholesale account or have a very large order, our system will return an error to you 


This is not the case. Please contact us via email and we can input the order manually. If you have already done business with us in the past for large orders, you already have our fax number, continue to fax your orders in.


We have our developers working on a solution right now. Available soon, our system will divide your order automatically into multiple boxes and bill accordingly. We continue to value your business and we want to make it as simple as possible for you. If you have any questions on when this upgrade will be completed, feel free to email us.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

REFERRAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM - Get paid for referring customers

We have reintroduced our REFERRAL AFFILIATE program.

We paying 1% on all completed sales. 

It is that easy

$100.00 of sales = $1.00
$300.00 of sales = $3.00
$500.00 of sales= $5.00
$1000.00 = $10.00
$5000.00 = $50.00

Paid out through paypal.

We offer links via TEXT, BANNER or MYSPACE

JOIN now, read more about it

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Changing the radio in the Mazda RX8 just became easier! WE ARE SHIPPING

Need to change the radio in a Mazda RX8? WE HAVE WHAT YOU NEED

Now shipping and IN STOCK

Available in DIN (2 inches high) or DOUBLE DIN (4 inches high)
Available in BLACK or GLOSS BLACK

Either version. SHIPPING

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, you've been waiting for months. We finally have it back in stock but a limited amount, COME AND GET IT!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Coming soon


Add Ipod with FULL control and TEXT
Add HD Radio at the same time

See some videos in the new

2008 Nissan Xterra
2009 Nissan Versa

See it now , tell your friends

Monday, September 1, 2008

International orders and shipments to PO and APO / FPO BOXES (yes we do it)

We have been shipping Internationally for over 14 years. No matter where you live, if you are part of our large list of supported countries, we can SHIP TO YOU.

We can ship via UPS (United Parcel Service) or POSTAL MAIL (the cheapest). We turn around Internationally shipments in RECORD times, even with all the paperwork needed for customs and other details, sometimes as fast as NEXT DAY.

For our military friends, we have NO PROBLEMS shipping to APO or FPO addresses. We've been doing it for years and we know what kind paperwork is needed. Other people say NO to postal shipments to APO or FPO boxes, we SAY YES, NO PROBLEM.

We ship to individuals and we wholesale to large business accounts overseas, we handle it from the smallest order to large qty bulk purchases.

Looking for a break? How about some COUPONS

UPS (United Parcel Service) is the FASTEST carrier method, but if you are looking to save money, when you are CHECKING OUT, change your shipping method to USPS (POSTAL) to see the difference in price.

To see the total charges for an order, REGISTER FIRST, Add the product to cart and then you will see all the fees displayed. You order, we handle everything, all the paperwork, the special packaging needed and everything else.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Question FAQ knowledgebase

Here is our listing of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. FAQ Knowledgebase. Feel free to use the SEARCH feature on the site.

To search on the site, we recommend you use your car name or some name that will sort the search. For example, do a search under SILVERADO

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We have the new 2004-2007 Infiniti G35 dash kit in stock and it is shipping. We have it in SINGLE din and DOUBLE din versions

SEE 2004-2007 DASH KIT


The older G35 kit can be found below



The JVC HDR30 is FINALLY shipping and we have it in stock.

See it here

We also have the DUAL HD RADIO here

If you have a Pioneer radio, you can add the HD radio add on here

maybe, you want to add HD RADIO to your factory radio.

See the Peripheral PXAMG

HD RADIO is FREE. No monthly fees and digital quality sound! Upgrade today!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Installing a new radio in GM LAN vehicles or in cars with ONSTAR

Want to get your new aftermarket radio in? Need to keep ONSTAR?
What about a BOSE Interface to your new radio. Is your radio part of the new GM LAN type DATA bus system? Often there are no accessory power wires at the radio plug. Also, we caution you not to test the wires at the radio plug because it is DATA wires and you may damage the car's computer. What about the chimes which come through the factory speakers? Or the reverse backup beeps that come through the factory radio?

We have EVERYTHING you need IN ONE PLACE to install your new aftermarket radio

See our dash kit department here

See our ONSTAR department here

Lowered our MINIMUM QTY requirements on many items in our tools department

We listen to your feedback and we understand sometimes, 10 qty of an item, even low cost inexpensive parts may be too much for your project. We are re-working the minimum qty requirements on many of the items in our TOOLS INSTALL DEPARTMENT.

See our tools department here

Get all the wires, rca cables, wire ties, screws, fuse holders, fuses and everything else needed for your install in ONE PLACE


Thursday, July 24, 2008


There is a $50.00 rebate going on now for HD radio tuners!

Now is the perfect time to buy a Peripheral PXAMG with an HD Radio tuner for only $89.95 more. With the $50.00 rebate, the HD radio tuner add on is only $30.00 more! A solid bargain.

1. Simply have your customers text UPGRADE to 34343 from a mobile phone
2. They’ll receive a series of text messages with information about HD Radio
3. The customers will have to opt-in for future messages to receive the rebate
4. Rebate information will come as a text message within a few weeks
5. Once they have the rebate form, all they have to do is mail it in with the UPC from their HD Receiver to get their $50 check It’s just that easy! Plus, when they opt-in for more messages, your customers will be registered to win an iLuv® HD Radio Alarm Clock.
You can see the PXAMG Ipod adapters with HD radio here

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bluetooth and plug in harnesses for Motorola and Parrot bluetooth kits

If it has to deal with installing a bluetooth kit in your car, we have it.

Plug and play kits with harnesses which allows you to hear your phone calls through your factory speakers.

See our bluetooth department

Keep the BLUETOOTH and FACTORY display in 2007 and newer Nissan Sentras and Maximas

Need to change out your radio in your 2007 and newer Sentra or Maxima.

But you are worried about the factory bluetooth and the display?

Well, you can keep all that now with our NIRD unit.

We have it in stock and it is shipping, so go ahead and change out your factory radio without fear.

You can see it here
We carry TONS of interfaces to keep Onstar, Bluetooth, Sync and other factory options with your new aftermarket radio install
See our dash kit department

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Looking for a really cool 194 wedge bulb for your car, domelights and license plate frame? The 194 wedge bulb is the most common bulb and we have it available in a superbright LED configuration.

See it here

You can see our ENTIRE bulb department here, including FOGLIGHTS and DRIVING LIGHTS. WE carry it all
See bulb department here


Free decal, IF YOU ADD IT TO THE CART and if your order is over $15.00

Add the product here

Motorcycle products

We have a motorcycle alarm you may want to look at, the 866 Cyclone

See what else we have for motorcycles below...


Most mounts cost over $100.00 - even for a small mount for your LCD Vesa monitor.

We've searched it. Its true. Why are you spending big bucks to mount your LCD monitor to the wall

We have one for under $40.00

Buy it


DO you have a factory radio that is RDS (radio data system compatible)? Most GMs are.

Simply plug in your ipod and transit both the AUDIO and the TEXT information right onto your radio display. It is THAT simple. It is available now from Dice and we have it in stock.

The best way to feed the sound from your Ipod into your factory radio. Gone are simple FM modulators, now comes with next generation device sending the ipod text over to your factory RDS radio display.

See it now

Dynamat Hushmat and Stinger dampening products

Trying to keep noise out?

Trying to get rid of rattles in your car?

We just finished adding the full lineup from Dynamat, Hushmat and Stinger

New Ford Can bus Ipod adapter which is SYNC compatible

Take a look at our newest Ford Ipod CAN Bus Contender.
Looks like a keeper

The Blitzsafe FORD CAN MLINK V2

Buy it here

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time is valuable

We know this and everyone has an account with electronic payments. Instead of having you type your name and address over and over. We have both google checkout and paypal express checkout as a payment method

1-2-3. Your checkout is a breeze and quick


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dash kit and wire harness additions

Here are some interesting additions to our dash kit and wire harness department

2008+ Honda accord wire harness

Finally, the dash kit for 2005-2007 Infinity G35
Yes, we had the 2003-2004 Dash kit FIRST, and here we are again with the newest addition


The 2009 Corolla dash kit is shipping


and finally, saving the best for last.

For all of your with the Ford Sync and you want to change the ford radio, but want to keep the usb, the hands free bluetooth and more, here is a new device to KEEP your Ford sync and also change out the radio to aftermarket

Dash kit and wire harness additions


With all of the installation accessories and Ipod adapters we sell, many have forgotten how we started, our roots. Car stereos and car radios.

We currently have all the hottest double din GPS navigation car stereos in stock

See them here

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We have the google checkout coupons and FREE shipping coupons back online

Discounts for orders as small as $5.00!!

See it here

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ups has imposed new fuel surcharges and it has been updated. The fuel charges and percentage of surcharge is shown below

Our shipping and handling includes these new rates.

Current surcharges

GroundThrough June 1, 2008: 7.75%
Effective June 2, 2008: 8.50%A

Air and InternationalThrough June 1, 2008: 25.00%
Effective June 2, 2008: 28.00%

You can see the percentages here

Saturday, June 7, 2008

HONSC1 Xm to Sirius converter for Honda and Acuras

We just lowered the price of the HONSC1

We have this product in stock and it can be bundled with the required SCC1 tuner.

It will convert a Honda or Acura XM radio to SIRIUS operation

See it here

We also have it in the Toyota version

If you want to buy just the scc1

Ipod adapter for VW cars with SAT button - I-VW-SAT

We are proud to announce we are one of the first authorized dealers to offer the I-VW-SAT from Dice Electronics.

This innovative product offers you text on your factory radio display if your radio has a SAT button or is satellite compatible.

We have it in stock and it is ready to ship

See it here


The view order screen offers you multiple statuses on your order.

We recently added another status

Initial Pull/Pick - Order has been reviewed by a staff member

This will show up once your initial processed order has been reviewed and sent to pull/pick by a staff member. The final step is COMPLETE (which means your order has shipped or has been packed and awaiting UPS pickup)

Hopefully this will give people who like additional information some enlightenment.

Please note: Orders usually are not reviewed on holidays or weekends, however, this is not a rule.

Auxiliary MP3 and Ipod adapters

We know gas prices are high and other expenses are soaring. However, you need to be kept entertained too!

To help you, we will be lowering prices on our more popular MP3 Auxiliary and Ipod adapters

Our OEM compatible Auxiliary and Ipod adapters can be found below

Any questions? Post.

Google Checkout Coupons

We encountered some problems with the googlecheckout coupons we were offering for the past month. It has come to our attention that the coupons may not work all the time. We are working on this and should have it corrected soon.

We offer FREE shipping if you spend $100.00 and use the COUPON CODE
"PAYPALFREE" and enter the coupon code on the first page of checkout.
Read about what you need to do to redeem this coupon

We have liftoff

Blog has been started. We welcome your questions, and hopefully this will provide another way for you to ask us questions which we will respond to in a timely manner.

You can also visit our forums here

You can shop for car electronics and accessories at our site here at

You can always send us an email if you prefer

We would ike to hear from you.