Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Spyder Headlights, taillights and Foglights in stock for your car

New 2011 Spyder Products IN stock

New 2011 Car Monitors and Video in stock

New 2011 Video car monitor products in stock and shipping now


PS3, Xbox, Wii Gaming Accessories

Looking for Joysticks, Remotes, Gaming Accessories for your PS3, Ps2, Xbox or Wii?

We have it

See our GAMING department here

New Car Capacitors in Stock

We have NEW Car Capacitors in Stock.


Make sure your new sound system has the power it needs when the Bass hits.

Car Ipod Out for Ios 4.0 - New Ipod out features for Ipod in the car

Did you know that with iOS4, the Iphone 4, touch 4.0 etc, there is a new feature called IPOD OUT.

This takes the playlist and information from your Ipod and displays it in an EASY TO CONTROL format in your factory radio!

We are FIRST on the scene with these new products. We have ALL the newest products with IPOD OUT ios4.0 for your car or automobile.

First, See the LOCKPICKS which UNLOCK NAV and Gives you IPOD OUT.
See the CH550 Chrysler and GMX550 for GM


Next, we have VAIS products for TOYOTA and LEXUS. Unlocks NAV, feeds video in and gives you IPOD OUT!

See VAIS products here


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-"THEY" take returns OVER and OVER again from customers who cant make up their minds, or dont read directions. They then sell you these USED products (burnt out?) to you at full price. "YOU" Avoid this because we sell UNOPENED NEW PRODUCTS ONLY. FACTORY SEALED. You will be the FIRST to install it. Not the 10th.

So if you are looking for OEM INTEGRATION for your car or an IPOD ADAPTER for your car, WE HAVE EVERYTHING you need.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking for a LCD TV that is both HOME AC and CAR DC voltage?

We have them! AC and DC LCDS

New Headlight and Taillight Aftermarket car LED upgrades

New 2011 applications for Headlights, Projectors, and Taillights.


Compact Power Antenna back in stock

After 2 very long years, our COMPACT POWER ANTENNA that fits into any fender is back in stock. Perfect for TIGHT FITS!!

Get it while we have it!

Add steering wheel controls for car radio audio to any car

Now add STEERING WHEEL controls to any car, even if it didnt come with steering wheel controls

LockPick Navigation Unlock products and Ipod

We are proud to announce we are now an Authorized Retailer for Lockpick products.

All in stock for fast delivery