Monday, November 10, 2008

Ipod 5 volt USB charging, shipping

Apple changed the way Ipods charge with the new 3g Ipod, the 2G Itouch and the nanochromatic. Older ipod adapters for the car and the home (every ipod accessory sold) had problems the charging of the new ipods.

We now have DICE kits in stock which use 5volt USB charging. We will have solutions available from Peripheral (pxamg), USA SPEC and Blitzsafe shortly.

You can find more info here

Dice electronic kits

Keep in mind, we are fully authorized for Dice Electronics, Peripheral, Blitzsafe and other companies. We stock HEAVILY for fast delivery, easy exchanges for defectives and we always carry the latest software versions.

Being authorized means you will also get the support from the factory and a full warranty. Dont take any chances. Dont get caught with your pants down by trying to save $5.00 dollars.

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