Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We made the following improvements online to give you a more pleasurable shopping experience.

- All Returns and Exchanges / will receive an email when the transaction is completed. Status is posted in the RA dedicated forum at http://www.autotoys.info/forum

- Any order which will come in multiple boxes will have a separate email informing the customer of such. As always, if we need to ship your order in separate boxes (and if it is not express, postal or International), we will cover shipping on ALL ADDITIONAL shipping charges.

- We improved our site navigation. Within each product description is the ability to go UP ONE LEVEL (to the department level) and to the PREV and NEXT product in the current department. No more clicking back on the browser, browse the entire department easily.

- Reworked some layout of our site for a more fluid shopping experience, tailored for browsing products PREV/NEXT within a department

- Added IN PRODUCT Questions and Answers. Click on the QUESTIONS TAB. You can now post a question for EACH product within the Q&A section. To be answered quickly by STAFF members OR other customers who own the product, or by anyone that knows the answer.

- Fixed the google checkout problem on 2nd page of cart checkout. No more issues!

- Added 'special' cart items for Next Day Air, Second Day Air And SATURDAY delivery options (ask us)

- Added the ability to customize order emails tailored for specific product. For example, if you buy product WIDGET1 and if we have some tips/additional info on WIDGET1, you will be automatically sent an email concerning WIDGET1 - This will give you all the available information you need for your install and will save you time.

- Inside the product description, you are now able to hover over the first product picture thumbnail to get a larger view of the product.

- Added PRODUCT VIEWING history (see all the products you looked (last 5) - as long as you are using the same computer)

- Improved US POSTAL shipping times. Processing time has been improved.

--- THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! We have much more coming!

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